Brief Introduction to the Second China
Majiang Championship

The Second China Majiang Championship and Forum will be held in Hong Kong from Nov. 28 th to Dec. 1 st , 2004 .

ӨӨWith the supports from related corporations, the first China Majiang Championship and Forum was excellently held in Boao, Hainan Province, from Dec. 10 th to 14 th , 2003. Mr. Yu Guangyuan, the honorary president of this championship and Forum, presented in the activity and gave the thematic speech. Besides, some other famous experts and celebrities who came from many countries and regions, both local and foreign, appeared as well.

ӨӨMajiang was a game created in China long ago and has played an important role in traditional Chinese culture. For hundreds of years, the entertainment of Majiang has attained its special fame for more participants than any other activities. This amusing and interesting game which is also beneficial for wit and intelligence, has quite rich spiritual connotation, therefore, Majiang has been very popular throughout the world, serving as an emissary for the exchange and communication among different countries' traditional cultures. However, as any other profound and entertaining game, Majiang is also used by some people for gambling, bringing negative results and harming its reputation.

ӨӨWe are organizing this Majiang Championship and Forum to further increase the world's positive interest and awareness of this exciting game. Moreover, this activity also intends to regularize the title, rules and atmosphere of this traditional game, providing opportunities for international and local Majiang funs to communicate with others and make friends. We hope Majiang game will be well known as other popular healthy games like Chinese Chess, Bridge, and the mysterious Chinese Go Chess. Mr. Mao Zedong used to said that China has made three main contributions to the world: Traditional Chinese medicine, Dream of Red Mansion' written by Mr. Cao Xueqin, and Majiang. (Qingdao Daily Reference of Paper Reading: 210, 46) In Chairman Mao's words we can see the high position of Majiang in such a great man's mind. Besides, the famous plutonomist, Mr. Yu Guangyuan states in his epigraph for the first China Majiang Championship: It is people rather than Majiang itself that makes the game a way of gambling.

ӨӨThe organizing committee, with a group of experts, scholars, professors and authorities who devote themselves to carrying forward the culture of China Majiang, is trying to make the annual China Majiang Championship an important world-leveled competition.

ӨӨThe organizing committee of this year cooperates with some related corporations, such as Beijing Orient Triathlon Sports Co.,Ltd., China Travel Service, Head Office , Hong Kong Branch of China Travel Agency, trying to make this Championship a world-leveled Majiang Competition.

ӨӨThe China Majiang Championship adopts the Chinese Official International Rules and related provisions of the organizing committee. The rules have been designed to be both consistent and reasonable. The contest will be scored using the traditional way of keeping track of points by adding each previous round's points to the next and totaling them in the end. All participants that reach the stated accumulated score will receive a certificate and keepsakes. The top 16 participants will receive special awards in addition to the certificates. The top 3 individual participants will respectively attain the titles of champion, runner-up and the third position in the Second China Majiang Championship. A team consists of 4 people and there will be additional prizes for the top 6 teams based on their total accumulated scores. The top 3 groups will be given rewards and each participant of these three teams will attain certain certificate. The Committee will rank the top 16 participants and will award each of them Certificate Letter of Pin (Grading), stating their placement in the competition accordingly.

ӨӨAfter entering WTO, our country develops the sports industry, following the market economic rules. The organizing committee is willing to successfully co-organize the Second China Majiang Championship with supports of any native and foreign individuals and institutions that run their corporations observing the rules of market economy. We will try to make the game more rich and colorful, providing wonderful conditions for interchanging between diversified styles and groups. Thereby, China Majiang, just like other competition items, can be developed as a regular and strict contest, promoting the further development and great progress of the culture of China Majiang.

ӨӨWe welcome all individuals and groups of players from all over the world to come and participate in the exciting game of Majiang, setting the positive image for this traditional and cultural activity. Meanwhile, All kinds of medias will rush into this activity.

ӨӨThe External Contacting and Receiving Committee is in charge of the registration and subscription, and the travel agency specially appointed by the Organizing Committee will be responsible for all the work of receptions and trips.

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