Brief Introduction of the Third China
Majiang Championship and Forum


The Third China Majiang Championship and Forum will be held in Beijing from Oct. 28th to 31st, 2005.
With the supports from related corporations, The First China Majiang Championship and Forum and The Second China Majiang Championship were successfully held in Boao, Hainan Province, 2003 and Hong Kong, 2004. Mr.Yu Guangyuan, the honorary president of the Championship and Forum, presented in the activity and gave the thematic speech. Besides, some other famous experts, specialists and celebrities who came from many countries and regions, appeared as well.
For sparkplugging the healthy, scientific and friendly culture of Majiang, promoting mutual understanding and friendship among international and local Majiang funs, hoping Majiang will be well known as other popular healthy games like I-go, Chinese Chess, and Bridge. The Organizing Committee of The Third China Majiang Championship and Forum in this year is composed of Beijing Orient Triathlon Sports Co.,Ltd., China Leisure Research Center, Cti Conference& Incentive Management, China Majiang Net and so on, with a group of experts, scholars, professors and authorities who devote themselves to carrying forward the culture of Chinese Majiang. Our organization will trying to make the Third China Majiang Championship and Forum as the first –level of international Majiang Competition with cooperation from related corporations.
The Third China Majiang Championship and Forum is another important competition in the world after the Open European Mahjong Championship in Holland, 2005. The Championship adopts the Chinese Official International Standard Rules and related provisions of the Organizing Committee. The competition will be scored using the traditional way of keeping track of points by adding each previous round’s points to the next and totaling them in the end. (All participants that reach the stated accumulated score will receive a certificate and keepsakes.) The Organizing Committee will rank the top 16 individual participants and the top 6 groups in the competition, the top 3 individual participants will respectively attain the titles of champion, runner-up and the third position in the Third China Majiang Championship. The Organizing Committee will award the relevant Certificate Letter of Pin (Grading) to all participants and will be, stating their placement in the competition accordingly. We welcome all individuals and groups of players from all over the world to come and participate in this exciting game of Majiang.
After entering WTO, marketable tourist industry, sports and leisure industries will be developed rapidly. As a new concept , the competitive Majiang on the scene at home and abroad has already become an activity to attract more people enjoying it and participate it. To better propagandize the great culture of Majiang better, the Organizing Committee is willing to co-organize with any marketable tourist, sports and leisure industries’ individuals and institutions at home and abroad, to successfully organize the China Majiang Championship and Forum, series competition, itinerant competition, network competition and so on, every year, to provide opportunities for Majiang funs to communicate with each other and make friends, to promote the further development and great progress of the culture of China Majiang.

The China Majiang Championship and Forum
Organizing Committee


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