The Third China Majiang Championship and Forum Supplementary Explanation


 The Third China Majiang Championship and Forum will be held in a pleasant scene place, Beijing JinHaiHu. JinHaiHu is an important beauty spot for travel in Beijing . It has a lot of beautiful views, such as Jingdong grand canyon, Jingdong big grotto, Panshan mountain, Qingdongling, the Great Wall of Huangyaguan, etc. The distance between JinHaiHu and Beijing Capital International Airport is about 60 kilometres.

Please let the External Contacting and Receiving Committee know the exact time of arriving in and depart from Beijing and the flight number of yours, and other details of yours. We can arrange people meet you at the airport for free.

The awards of the Third China Majiang Championship:

The top 3 individual participants will respectively attain the titles of champion, runner-up and the third position in the Third China Majiang Championship, stampers of valuable stone, the certificate of grade signed by Mr. Yu Guangyuan, the Honorary President of Organizing Committee, and when they participate the Forth China Majiang Championship, they need not pay the Registration Fee, the charges in the hotel and lunches and suppers' expenses during the Championship.

The Third China Majiang Championship

Organizing Committee



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