Selected Letters Of Foreign Majiang Friends After The Championship



(From: Mr. David Unger)

Mr.Jiang Xuanqi

My brother and I would like to thank for your great generosity during our stay in your country.
Every thing was wonderful. We enjoyed our stay and we our very thankful that we met all of you.
Everyone treated us with so much respect and we are greatful for all the hard work that took place in

putting together the Mah Jongg Tournament.
Thank you
David Unger
The National Mah Jongg Leagu


(From: Mr. András Boda )

Dear Mr. Jiang Xuanqi!

Thank you for your kind letter. At first I should say, that your - and all your staff members - service, hospitality and kindness was simply totally perfect and it was a tremendous and continous joy to be there. I enjoyed every second of my stay in China , I had no problems at all, and all my asking and wish was satisfied fully and instantly - never had an experience before.

The championship's organisation was also perfect I think: not a minute delay, the referees were correct and helpful, and those were my opponents also. I am happy and proud that I could take part on that very important Forum also. I am grateful to my good faith that I got the possibility to meet such people... It was a huge experience for me as well: but the most important thing for me was this new contacts, maybe I can say, new friendships we made.

I am happy also, that I could say some sentences - I think, together we can make everything better: as far as our will, our target is one, nothing can stop us to build a colourful, international, friendly, healthy, scientific majiang world. That's what we all working for, and in this work I'll try to do my best. Once again, it was a honour for me that I could be in your wonderful country, it was my dream for a long time - now this dream is reality. I'm sure, I have to go back again and again to China, to meet again those lovely, friendly, kind people I know now, and whom I have the best memories in the deep of my heart indeed. Please give my best regards to your colleges, staff, friends, because I have to say thank you to them as well. Thank you for all, please, keep contact with me. Best regards to you, and all your loved ones: Andy

(From: Mr. Stephane Parcollet)

Dear Jiang Xuanqi

Your staff gave us good service during the competition. I hope to be abble to come back in China next year with a group of players from Reunion .
Did you plan yet the date of the next China Championship ? If you know only the month, it will be enough for me.
Best regards

Stephane Parcollet


(From: Mr. Henrik Leth )

Dear Mr. Jiang Xuanqi!

How are you? I feel very happy to meet you at the third China Very well, thank you. I am also very happy that we met, and I hope to meet you again.
We (all 3 from Denmark ) have been very impressed with the arrangements and the service we were given.

Thank you for an unforgettable mahjong tournament!
Best regards


Member of Mahjong Denmark


(From: Mr. Hiroyuki Nagi )

Dear Mr.Jiang Xuanqi

Thank you very much for your e-mail.
I am plased with success of the third Chaina Mahjong Championship heartily.
And persons concerned with Japanese Mahjong are pleased very much with world
Mahjong organization being pushed forward with Chinese leadership. Mahjong
Museum and JMOC cooperate with your projects.

Best regards

Mahjong Museum
Hiroyuki Nagi





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