Selected Letters Of Foreign Majiang Friends Before The Championship



(From: Ms. Ruth Unger)

August 11 , 2005

Dear Organizing Committee of China Majiang Championship :

It would have been a privilege to attend the Third China Mah Jongg Championship, but at this time,

my schedule does not allow it.

I appreciate the efforts you are putting in to promote the healthy development of Mah Oongg.

Hopefully in some future date, I will be able to attend .

Wishing you a successful tournament.




(From: Mr. David Unger)

Dear Organizing Committee of China Majiang Championship,

Good Evening,

I am Mr. Unger representing The National Mah Jongg League in New York

City. USA.

I am very eager in meeting with you and your representatives next month

in Beijing.

We are very eager to meet with you and your committee to discuss the great

game of Mah Jongg and how the American people love the game.

Thank You

David Unger


(From: Mr. Kyoichiro Noguchi)

Dear Organizing Committee of China Majiang Championship,

Thank you for sending the information about the third China

Majiang Championship and Forum. And congratulations on holding

the tournament!

I have a question.
How many players from Japan can I send for this championship?

I hope to hear from you.

Best regards,
Kyoichiro Noguchi


(From: Ms. Tina Christensen)

Dear Organizing Committee of China Majiang Championship,

Thank you for your friendly invitation. Unfortunately I cannot travel
to China for the Third China Majiang Championship and Forum because
of obligations at my work. I am very sorry about that. I would love
to go to China and participate in the healthy, scientific and
friendly majiang culture. I very much hope to be able to come next year.

Please know that Mr. Henrik Leth, who has registered for the Majiang
Championship and Forum, is a member of the Open European Mahjong
Championship Organizing Committee for Copenhagen 2007.  Also two
other Danish are registered: Mr. Sune Korreman and Mr. Jeppe Stig

We look forward to inviting you to Copenhagen for OEMC 2007.

Tina Christensen
Chairman of the OEMC 2007 Committee


(From: Mr. Boda András)

Dear Organizing Committee of China Majiang Championship,

You just too kind with us - thank you so much for all and for the quick

managing and answer. I have to say we're happy and more than satisfied

with your cooperation and kindness. Thanks once again for your flexibility

too, it will be the very easiest way for us.

Next week we manage the visa at the embassy in Budapest , and then we just wait

with great excitement the nice opportunity to be in your wonderful country.

Then I can play the world's most fascinating game among the best players in a fine

mood and healthy spirit indeed, build friendships...

So thank you for all - see you all soon...


President of the Hungarian Mah-jong


(From: Mr. Uwe Martens)

Dear Organizing Committee of China Majiang Championship,

Thank you very much for your kind answer! I hope everything is fine
with the preparation of the Championship!

Thank you for your informations. Unfortunately it seems not possible
for me to go to Beijing to meet you and the Forum. I tried to get
some holidays today - but it is very dificult in my office. I will
try again the next days and if I succeed I will send you a mail next

Nevertheless: Thank you very much for your invitation! If it is not
possible this year I hope to meet you in China later - perhaps next

Best regards from Germany ,

Uwe Martens
President of the EMA
President of the DMJL



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