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ӨMajiang, as the quintessence of China, has been spread all over the world.

ӨӨMajiang is quite popular in many countries and areas, such as Japan, America, Russia, Holland, Denmark, German, Korea, Italy, Canada, and etc. and all of these courntries have their own folk Majiang organization. This game has more participants and fame than any other games; therefore, it will surely be a new hot and attractive competition, as Go, Chess and Bridge.

ӨӨThe first Majiang Championship and Forum has been excellently held in Bo'ao, Hainan Province, on Dec. 10 th C14 th , 2003. Mr. Yu Guangyuan, a famous plutonomist, the honorary president, presented in this activity and gave the main-theme speech. Besides, a large number of experts, scholars, celebrities and participants from all over the world attended this Championship and Forum.

ӨӨThe second Majiang Championship is planned to be held in Hong Kong on Nov. 28 th , 2004. At that time, quite many Majiang groups and players from inside and outside the country will take part in this great activity, in which clouds of masters will attract attentions from the mass. Thus, all kinds of communicating media will transfer and report the information of this game.

ӨӨThe competition of Majiang serves as a good way for spreading the traditional cultures of China, and also as the perfect platform of management in the market economy, and as the solid carrier of advertisements as well. It is the combination of leisure economy and competing activities, of sports and travels.

ӨӨAll friends from all over the world are welcome to join the cooperation for running International series match state contest, website competition, traveling, advertising and so on, and also welcome to discuss other ways of collaboration. We will together make this China Majiang Championship a world-leveled game, a world brand as well.

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