The letter to Majiang friends


 The Third China Majiang Championship and Forum was held in Beijing , Oct., 2005. It achieved success. During the course of forum, delegates come from different national Majiang Organization, such as China , U.S.A, Japan , Germany , Denmark , France , Hungary and European Mahjong Association (EMA), found the World Majiang Organization, Mr. Yu Guangyuan, honorary president of the China Majiang Championship and Forum as the president of the World Majiang Organization, a s president of the World Majiang Organization. The purpose of the organization is to sparkplug healthy, scientific and friendly Majiang culture. The delegates participate in the translate and edit of International Standard Majiang Rule actively, the standing body of Organization in charge of publication.

 The first World Majiang Championship will be held in China , 2007, the fourth China Majiang Championship and forum will be held in 2006. We are making preparations for serial, local and world Majiang network Championship also. ^ Majiang belongs to China also belongs to the world. ̄ We welcome all friends in the same camp can participate in us to develop Majiang culture.


                           World Majiang Organization (WMO)

                       China Majiang Championship

                        Organizing Committee




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