Brief Introduction


The Forth China Majiang Championship and Forum (CMCAF) will be held from Sep.15 to 18, 2006, in Tientsin. The China Majiang Championship and forum has become one of the important contests for promoting Majiang of the world. The healthy, scientific and friendly Majiang culture has appreciated by the experts, scholars, distinguished and Majiang players all over the world.
In Oct. 2005, The Organizing Committee in the third China Majiang Championship and forum
suggested to establish World Mahjong Organization (WMO). This suggestion was supported by many delegates, they were from Japan, U.S.A, Germany, France, Denmark, Holland, Hungary and European Mahjong Association(EMA). Mr.Yu, Guangyuan, the Chinese famous politician and economist, the honorary president of the CMCAF, was elected as the president of WMO. The election also determined secretary-general and principal of the Technical Committee of WMO and World Mahjong Contest Center (WMCC) will hold the first World Mahjong Championship in China, 2007.
That will be a great step forward in Mahjong history. It means that our healthy, scientific and
friendly Mahjong culture has received wide attention and acceptance of mahjong fans and people’s insight from all over the world. World Mahjong Contest Center(WMCC) complied the decision of the CMCAF , edited the 《Mahjong Competition Rule》, The edition of the《Rule》 is based on original Rule and combined with practice of international contests and feedback information from all people participated. It was edited by experts, scholars to standard international contests《Mahjong Competition Rule》.
Mr. Yu, Guangyuan, the president of WMO, wrote the title and epigraph for the 《Rule》, “Majiang
comes from China, belongs to the world.” Mr. Li, Menghua, the honorary president of the Chinese Olympic Committee, also wrote epigraph for it, “Develop Olympic spirit, perfect Mahjong Rule, serve for people in the world.”
The championship adopts Mahjong Competition Rule, and will review pin of players according to the 《Mahjong Pin Grade Standard》.
The WMO will provide training course for the judges during the Championship.
Majiang forum Leisure and Sports Club of Majiang forum will hold forum communicating contest during the forum.
The host of the CMCAF will cooperate with advertisement business, tour agencies, transportation agencies and other manufacturers, media, Leisure industry following marketable rule for developing the traditional and innovative Leisure cultural projects.
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The China Majiang Championship and Forum
Organizing Committee


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