2007 World Mahjong Organization Tournament Plans


    At present, Mahjong tournaments of various forms and scales are being held in countries and regions throughout the world . In order to promote Mahjong culture in a healthy manner so as to be incorporated into regular, scientific , and wholesome way of lifestyle, the World Mahjong Contest Center have decide d th at tournaments which comply with the Mahjong Competition Rules and our principles , once sanctioned will be eligible to compete in the World Series of Mahjong , sponsored by members of the World Mahjong Organization in each continent.

    For the top 8 players from each continent who would like to participate in the first World Mahjong Championship in 2007, they are to be encourage d to do so . ( The top contestant will receive reimburse ments on round trip air tickets, registration , and boarding expenses ; the runner-up will be reimburse d on round trip air fare and registration fee ; the contestant who finishes third place will receive free registration and boarding ; and lastly, the 4 th ~ 8 th contestant will receive free registration privileges ). The rest group of players will be the base for the Pin grade in the Championship. We will invite the leaders of the World Mahjong Organization's members to promote health, scientific and friendly Mahjong culture, as our guests of honor.

    Led by Mr.Yu Guangyuan, the president of the World Mahjong Organization , the World Mahjong Contest Center, the China Majiang Championship Organizing Committee, the Beijing Orient Triathlon Sports Co., Ltd. and the Giga M edia Global Limited are confident and determined to work hard continuously to make the Mahjong tournaments advanced , distinguished, and classy events that combine leisure, entertainment , and sports to reach top-notch international standards.


I. 2007 World Series of Mahjong

1. Asia : 2007 World Series of Mahjong Asia Tour (Total 3 stations )

* The first station: Chinese Taipei (2007.4.28 - 5.1)

* The second stop : Japan (2007.7, the exact time and place to be determined after consulting with Japan Mahjong organization , who will be hosting the competition)

* The third stop : China , (2007.8, the exact time and place to be confirmed after inspecting the venues of application)


2. Europe: Denmark , the Second Open European Mahjong Championship (2007.6.21 - 6.24, Copenhagen )


3. America : United States , America Mahjong Championship (2007.9, the exacted time and place to be determined )



II. World Mahjong Championship (2007.11.1-11.5, China )


III. The designated web competitions will start in the middle of the year


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To : Members of the World Mahjong Organization

CC : Relational Mahjong Organization


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