Brief Introduction


    To develop Olympic spirit and promote healthy, scientific and friendly Mahjong culture, the first Mahjong Cultural Exchange Congress and World Mahjong Championship will be held from November.1 to 5, 2007, in Sichuan China.

    It includes Mahjong Cultural Forum, the first World Mahjong Championship, visit, tour and so on.

    The Organizing Committee of third China Majiang Championship and Forum suggested founding World Mahjong Organization in Oct.2005. It receive wide acceptance of delegates from Japan, U.S.A, Germany, France, Denmark, Holland, Hungary and European Mahjong Association(EMA) identify with founding authoritative World Mahjong Organization ( WMO ) and decided WMO will hold the first World Mahjong Championship in China, 2007.

    World Mahjong Organization and World Mahjong Contest Center hold the first Mahjong Cultural Exchange Congress, and cooperate with China Majiang Championship Organizing Committee, China Leisure Culture Research Center , Chinese Promotional Committee of world National Culture Exchange , China Majiang Cultural Exchange Center , China Majiang Culture Organizing Committee for application of Intangible Cultural Heritage, China Majiang net ( , Giga Media Global Limited, China Travel International (Chengdu) Ltd. Beijing Orient Triathlon Sports Co., Ltd. are confident and determined to strive continuously to make the tournament advanced, distingu ished, and classy event that combine leisure, entertainment and sports to reach top-notch international standards. The tournament adopts 《 Mahjong Competition Rules 》 and the Mahjong Pin Grade Standard by World Mahjong Organization.

    Mahjong culture is profound and the intelligence from play. Mr. Yu Guangyuan, the president of the World Mahjong Organization said “Mahjong comes of China , belongs to world”, “let's prompt friendly, healthy, and scientific Mahjong culture exchange ! ” We believe the first Mahjong Cultural Exchange Congress and World Mahjong Championship will be a Mahjong Cultural fans' joyful celebration.


The first Mahjong Cultural Exchange Congress and

World Mahjong Championship             

Organizing Committee                 



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