2007 First World Mahjong Championship Regulation


1. Time and place

  1-5 November 2007, Sichuan , China


2. Rules

《 Mahjong Competition Rules 》 (by World Mahjong Contest Center ) and related provisions of the first World Mahjong Championship Organizing Committee.


3. Moral standards for the competition

Morality, observe social morality, fair competing, observing umpires, respecting for others, carrying forward spirits, and keeping fit.


4. Ways of competition

1) Competition principle: open, justice, impartiality.

Four player areas(A-D) : A : China(36), B : Japan(36), C : Europe(36), D : America and other(36). The top 144 players are from 2007 World Series of Mahjong ranking . The players in same area not play in same table in the Competition.

2) Tournament format: 144 players. 10 complete games (Ju) of 120 minutes. The former 9 complete

games (Ju) is Round Robin, when finished the 9 complete games (Ju), we can find the Team prizes

and the place during the competition after individual 17 (include 17).

The 10 complete games (Ju) is a final for the former individual 16 ( include their former 9 complete games (Ju) result also ) .

3) The rest quotas of each area will be organized by the Organizing Committee.

The players exceed 144, the Organizing Committee will arrange in addition.


5. Ranking

Prizes for the top 16 individual and the Team prizes for the best 8 teams. Each player is part of a team of four players whose individual results are added. The players are ranked based on Table Points(4 、 2 、 1 、 0) gained during the competition, in a case in which multiple players have equal Table Points, the player who earned the most Contest Points ranks higher. (Contest Points are the sum of all scores earned by the player during each game complete games (Ju).)


6. Awards

1) All participants who observe the rules of the Championship to finish the competition and attain ranks, certificates and souvenirs. The top 16 individual and the top 8 teams can get their awards. The top 3 individual will respectively attain the titles of champion, runner-up and the third position in the World Mahjong Championship;

2) A prize for the highest Contest Points in single complete games (Ju), and a world record certificated by the World Mahjong Organization;

3) A prize for the highest Contest Points in single hand (Pan), and a world record certificated by the World Mahjong Organization;

4) 88 Fan recordative prize;

5) Good manner of playing Mahjong team prize, judged by the Referees Committee.


7. Pin certificate

According to the competition result , give Pin certificate to the players who gain individual place, it with the president of the World Mahjong Organization signature and certificated by the World Mahjong Contest Center.


8. Registration

1 ) Each 2007 World Series of Mahjong continent Organizing Committee in charge of the players' registration follow the distributive number: ( A : 1-36; B : 37-72; C : 73-108; D : 109-144 ) Each continent has 36 quotas. The player list should be send to the first World Mahjong Championship Organizing Committee before Sep . 20 th , 200 7. And the top 8 players from each continent should be clear.


2 ) Registration Fee: Players: $180. It includes: 《 Mahjong Competition Rules 》 , handbook of the Championship, results volumes, certificate of ranking, keepsake, lunches during the Championship, welcome meeting, award ceremony and so on. It doesn't include car fare, board and lodging expenses.

Accompanying persons: $100, The registration fee and other charges should be transferred during the Championship to the Organizing Committee appointed bank account before Sep . 20 th , 200 7, the bank costs without in it.


9. The right of explanation belongs to the Organizing Committee, and the unmentioned information until further notice.


10. Communication

Organizing Committee Office :

Tel: 86-010-88130575; 68229720; 68237127

Fax: 86-010-68229720

E-mail : chinamajiang@yahoo.com.cn

Website : http://www.chinamajiang.com


The first World Mahjong Championship

Organizing Committee           



中华麻将公开赛组委会 TEL:8610-68229720 / 68237127 FAX:8610-68150235