Registration: From June 15 th to September 20 th 2007.

    Registration Fee:

    Players: $180. Accompanying persons: $100. It includes: 《 Mahjong Competition Rules 》 , handbook of the Championship, results volumes(Players only), certificate of ranking(Players only), keepsake, lunches during the Championship, welcome meeting award ceremony and so on. It doesn't include car fare, board and lodging expenses.


    Important: Please send the completed a ppli cation f orm and photo to the Organizing Committee. You are not registered until you've received a confirmation and we are in receipt of payment before Sep . 20 th , 200 7, the bank costs without in it.

    The accepted participants should stress morality and fair game; they should observe the judgment of the umpire and respect for other players; they should spread the positive image of this game and try to raise their own culture morality; they should play the game aiming at promote the spirit of Olympics and strengthen themselves.


    Affairs with Application

    The Contacting and Reception Department is in charge of the registration of foreign

    participants .

    In charge: Ms. May Hu



    Organizing Committee Office :

    Tel: 8610 - 88130575 / 68229720 / 68237127 Fax: 8610 - 68229720


    Web site : www (Application form can be downloaded from the website )


    The right of explanation belongs to the Organizing Committee, and the unmentioned

information until further notice.


The first Mahjong Cultural Exchange Congress and

World Mahjong Championship

Organizing Committee




    1. Copies of application form are also acceptable to the Organizing Committee.

    2. For the already-accepted participants , if they have some personal problems so that they

can't participate the championship, they should contact with the Contacting and Reception

Committee in the way of Fax in time. Then the contacting and reception committee will handle

this problem according to related regulations. If they don't inform in time, they have to be

totally responsible for their loss.

Application F orm


Player information:

First Name:

Last Name :

M r. □ / Ms. □ (Identify with “√”)

Country :

Date of Birth:

Passport Number:

Size of T-shirt: XXXL□/XXL□/XL□/L□/M□/S□ (Identify with “√”)

Majiang League Attended:

Majiang Competition Participated:



Contact information:






Team Name:


* Hotel information:

Single room

Double room, shared with:


* Will book myself and send details later to:


* Expected arrival:


* Expected departure:


If need meet and send to the airport or other demands.


* player's photo by email






Promise for the first Mahjong Cultural Exchange Congress and World Mahjong Championship


    I shall abide by the relevant stipulations and competition guidance by the Championship.

    I shall participate in no games or entertainment activities related to wagering during the period of competition.

    I am sound in physical and mental health and the assessment by doctors proves me to be completely fit for this event.

    I shall assume total responsibility for my own properties and safety. I shall assume compensation responsibilities for other people's property and safety losses incurred by me.

    I agree my name and photos to be used in the both conventional and digital media, radio and TV broadcasting as well as various press reports related to the competition.

    In case of unexpected accidents and illness attributed to my own faults during the period of competition, I shall deem them as unrelated to the organizing institutions and shall not sue them. I shall also agree with the medical aid arrangements provided by the first Mahjong Cultural Exchange Congress and World Mahjong Championship Organizing Committee. As to the expenses, my insurer or I myself will cover them.

    I hereby prove that I am above 18 years of age and read and fully understand all documents.

Signature ______________________


    In order to assure the healthy safety, if you have any family diseases and hyper susceptibility of medicine, please send a testifying paper to the Contacting and Reception Committee of the Competitions.


中华麻将公开赛组委会 TEL:8610-68229720 / 68237127 FAX:8610-68150235