The Statute of the World Mahjong Organization


Chapter 1: Name, Tenet, Status of the World Mahjong Organization

1, Official name:

“The World Mahjong Organization” (the abbreviation is “the WMO”). “the Organization” will be used, either, as it's name in this Statute.

2, Tenet of the Organization

To promote the spirit of Olympics, advocate the healthy, scientific and friendly

Mahjong culture, as well as to strengthen the friendship and communication among different countries and areas and to advance spreading and developing high-level, lofty and graceful Mahjong culture all over the world.

3, Status of the Organization

The World Mahjong Organization is a non-profitable, non-political and

non-religious international organization with open characteristics, at the same time, it is the authoritative institution for the activities of the Mahjong culture, competition, training and exchange.


Chapter 2: Structure of the Organization, Working Languages

1, Major institutions of the Organization

   Presidium ( including a President and Presidium members ):

   Presiden t: 1 person

   Presidium members : Each member organization that supports the Statute and the

tenet may appoint a person to be the member of the Presidium by a writing

application to the WMO Secretariat.

   Standing body of the Organization : The Secretariat is the only standing body of the WMO, which manages all affairs related with the WMO.

The Secretariat instructs the World Mahjong Contest Center (abbreviation is "WMCC") to organize and manage competitions of the WMO. The WMCC consists of the Technical Committee, the Contest Committee and the Pin Committee.

WMCC registered in Hong Kong , China , and has a standing body in Beijing , China .

2. By principle of gradual improvement and steady development, the WMO may set up any body or bodies which considered to be necessary by the Secretariat of the WMO.

3. Working languages: Chinese, English, Japanese.


Chapter 3: Membership

Every legal Mahjong organization may obtain or abandon the membership of the Organization on it's own free will.


Chapter 4: Qualification

Every legal Mahjong organization, which supports and executes the WMO tenet and Statute, and accepts member's duty may become a member of the WMO. The WMO reserves rights to reject any unqualified applications.


Chapter 5: Termination of Membership

1, Any member organization, after losing legal status, will lose the membership of the

the Organization immediately and automatically.

2, Any member organization, seriously violating the WMO tenet and Statute, or

harming the important interests of the WMO, will lose the membership immediately after approval by two-third of members.


Chapter 6: Rights and Interests of Membership

1, Right to apply for hosting competition(s) which approved by the WMO.

2, Right to issue Mahjong Pin Certificates(according to<Mahjong Pin System>)..

3, Right to suggest and vote.

4, Priority rights to participate to WMO's competitions and training programs.


Chapter 7: Member Duties

1, To promote the spirit of Olympics and the healthy, scientific and friendly Mahjong culture.

2, To actively participate, market and support the competitions organized by the <Mahjong Competition Rules>.

3, To promote and spread high-level, lofty and graceful Mahjong culture all over the World.


Chapter 8: Competitions

The WMO will popularize and develop Mahjong culture by organizing World Mahjong Championship, World Cup Mahjong Series Championship and internet competition.


Chapter 9: Finance

The Organization does not charge membership fees, the Secretariat has full power to instruct World Mahjong Contest Center to resolve problems of it's office spending.


Chapter 10: Development and Cooperation

The Organization welcomes mahjong organizations and institutions of different countries and areas to join it's efforts for the purpose of promoting healthy, scientific and friendly Mahjong culture, enhancing friendship, communication and cooperation, developing this popular game in healthy way.


The Secretariat of

The World Mahjong Organization




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